Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday in the Third Week of Lent

Psalm 87  Jeremiah 13:1-11   Romans 6:12-23  John 8:47-59           

Paul’s letter to the 1st Century Church in Rome resonates as surely to the 21st Century church. What are we to make of this freely given gift of grace? Is this license to indulge any appetite or impulse: To sin in the face of the law because redemption is assured? “By no means!” Artfully he uses a metaphor of slavery to illustrate this dual sense of freedom then step by step traces a sequence that contrasts the march from Law to sin to death and contrasts it with the freedom to choose obedience yielding sanctification and life in/with God

Deep in this Lent                                 in the bosom of Christ
of temptation and wandering,             washed in God’s
searching for answers,                             righteousness,
for promise, for grounding,                  from our baptism forward
                                                            defeating death’s darkness.
Paul’s powerful letter
echoes Damascus’ road.                       Sin’s impunity streams
the choice is at hand                            to iniquity and the void
and it’s clear: BEHOLD!                     But the waters of grace
                                                            sanctify as death is destroyed.
Practice the Law coldly
or be warmed by God’s grace;           The choice remains ours,
one tempts us with sin                         to follow law’s bitter strife
the other secures us a place                  or walk humbly with Christ
                                                            to obtain eternal life

— Peter Dennison

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